Work placement/Holiday work

At Elisental, there is almost always the possibility to have a first look into the desired occupation by doing a work placement or a holiday job.

If you are interested, simply use our application forms to send us your enquiry. We will then check if a placement is possible in the desired period and notify you promptly.

Information on holiday jobs

This temporary job is governed exclusively by the respective legal provisions. The following documents have to be submitted to the Human Resources Department at the latest on the day the job commences:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Social Insurance Number (to be enquired at the health insurance if necessary)
  • Certificate of the school currently attended for the time before and after the temporary job as well as a confirmation of admission at a secondary school if necessary
  • For high-school graduates: certificate from the school last attended
  • For university students: certificate of study

Youths who are employed longer than two months need a medical certificate according to sect. 32 JArbSchG (German Youth Employment Protection Act).

Please refer to our information on how we handle your personal data