Company policy

Focus - Clarity - Consistency

  • We focus our activities on results.
  • We all contribute to the whole.
  • We concentrate on the important issues.
  • We know our strengths and continue developing them.
  • We create trust.
  • We work in a solution-oriented way and think positively.
  • We communicate with each other in an open, honest, sincere and transparent way.

What is important to us:

As a globally acting and successful company, we not only have a clear vision, but also a special responsibility. These we also want to live in future. Even more determined and conscious.

The stable foundation of all decisions and all entrepreneurial activities are our values as well as the commitment to the applicable laws and generally accepted social and ethical principles.

These values and commitment have now been laid down in writing in the Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH Code of Conduct, consisting of the Conduct Guidelines and the joint statement on the principles of social responsibility and their obligation in the Ethics Guidelines for Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH.

This has also been done with the aim of setting a standard which unites all employees of Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH. Equally, the Code of Conduct demonstrates our self-conception of thinking and acting in terms of the global Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH network.

The principles of conduct prevailing at Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH are summarised and stipulated in the Conduct Guidelines whereas the principles of social responsibility and obligation are laid down in the Ethics Guidelines. Together they form the “Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH Code of Conduct”, which comprehensively applies to everyone.

Both together serve the goal to bindingly regulate, communicate, respect and safeguard the fundamental principles of living and working together for all who work for and with us. For the benefit of all. For the benefit of a targeted and value-oriented management. And for the benefit of the success of our company, our employment security. Every set of regulations is only as good as it is lived, can be experienced and is integrated as an integral part into the work routine.

We kindly ask you to support us in this endeavour and to enable us to achieve our goals. If you have any questions about the Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH Code of Conduct or if you wish to draw our attention to any grievances, please use the possibilities that the Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH Code of Conduct grants you – be it via the supervisors or the Management.

In the PDF file you will find everything that is important and valuable for the observance and the implementation of the Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH Code of Conduct: the Conduct Guidelines and the Ethics Guidelines.

Quality policy

Our complete production and services are geared to the needs and wishes of our customers and the prevailing market requirements. All processes are consistently monitored for feasible improvements in order to guarantee the optimal and continuous quality of our products and a customer-friendly service. This is the prerequisite for consolidating the trust given in our reliability and the high technological standard of the products that are manufactured in Neuenrade and sold worldwide - and thus to clearly set ourselves apart from our competitors.


Our quality objectives are based upon the expectations of our customers with the integration of our suppliers as well as taking the economical aspects into consideration. The decisive factors for this are

  • the greatest possible customer satisfaction
  • the continuous improvement of productivity
  • the reduction of faults
  • the close cooperation with key suppliers


Our customers are our challenge. Every single order received represents a vote of confidence for the capabilities of each and every department and all manufacturing processes at Elisental. We consider it our duty to continuously confirm our trusting cooperation with our performance, reliability and service.


The involvement of capable suppliers is the precondition for an efficient cooperation between the customer and Elisental.


Our product diversity is Elisental’s sign of strength. Consequently, it is necessary to continually optimise the quality of our products to suit the needs of our customers. This is the guarantee for our future.

Product safety

A high standard of product safety is an important part in the mosaic of consolidating the close ties of our customers to the company. Product safety means the exclusion of all possible risks. From the examination of the contract, to the procurement of our raw materials and the production, to the shipment of our products – their application in our customers’ processes in very different sectors is safeguarded by using monitored processes be it in the automobile industry, the foodstuffs industry (in particular, the assurance of the requirements for more stringent hygiene guidelines with regard to food safety), the construction industry and many others. The compliance with the product requirements is essential in order to exclude the endangerment of the customer’s or end user’s health.


Motivated and qualified employees are our potential for success. And we intend to continually utilise this potential. It can only grow through the effective interaction of all powers, which means the smooth collaboration within and between the individual departments. Each and every employee is aware that their work is a part of a whole and is mostly the preliminary stage to a subsequent activity in another area. Motivation, unconditional commitment and professional expertise at all levels are the trademark of our enterprise.


We have made it our obligation to act with utmost responsibility towards the environment and nature.


Amongst our key responsibilities is the internal and external transfer of information.


We wish to be exemplary in all our decisions and actions and commit ourselves fully to our company. In this fashion we ensure both to meet the requirements agreed with the customer and to supply the customer with a predefined quality as well as meeting legal and official requirements. Our Quality Management System, which is continuously improved, is a tool that enables us to fulfil our obligations.